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Avenir Monde

W H A T   W E   A R E   ...
An interim marketing and management firm designed to be a full service assist to our clients who are not fully staffed in this area and who need ongoing or short term help on special projects, public relations and marketing needs.

W H A T   W E   A R E   N O T   ...
A high priced marketing “consulting firm” that thinks it knows how to run your business

O U R   G O A L S   &   O B J E C T I V E S   ...
To do everything in our power to make you fabulously successful! (and to make your life easier in these very “interesting” times!)

W H A T   W E   L O V E   ...
Thoroughly enjoying our time with clients and seeing you happy and stress free!

W H A T   Y O U   S H O U L D   D O ...
Call us when you need results in international marketing, public relations, and public affiairs!

Services For Non-US Firms

ClientSpeak ...
"When it comes to success, ability and effectiveness, Franca Gargiulo is in the front rank. In projects where we have worked together, Franca delivered. Her breadth of knowledge combined with sharp organizational skills give her a head start on any project she undertakes. As a key player with Californians for NAFTA, Franca produced results that exceeded expectations. She is a most respected colleague."
Fred J. Martin, Jr.
Senior Vice President & Director of Government Relations (retired)
Bank of America.  


“We admire Franca Gargiulo’s creative approach to problem solving and building effective relationships with various constituencies. She and her team know the vital importance of taking a creative idea and executing it with due diligence, energy and enthusiasm in order to attain desired results.”
Mike Brown
Brown and Raleigh



“It is refreshing to know a professional who values the need for ongoing dialogue and relationship building in all facets of marketing and public relations. Franca Gargiulo knows how to do and executes this well, exacting results and going beyond desired outcomes.”
Laureen DeBuono
Chief Financial Officer: Thermage, Inc.

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