AvenirMonde prides itself on the liaison roles it had held for various firms in their international marketing endeavors. Around the clock service and interface is the due diligence we provide—a kind of care and feeding that many organizations do not have the time and resources to devote. For a fraction of a full time department with personnel, we act as this significant partner to ensure that a firm and its overseas affiliates (distributors, customers, and sales force) always have the kind of personalized attention and care that are the hallmarks of quality service organizations. It's what we call “internal pr”—some places may call it “inside sales,” others, “internal communications.”

Whatver you would like to call it, it is the task that we love because it is our little way of bringing our world closer together.

Novell Networks
How does a leading Fortune 500 firm gain visibility for a new spinoff?
Execute a timely series of key customer, press and trade show events to showcase new products and the spinoff in Asia and Europe.
Open new offices and hire new salespersons to deal with demand of new product in the streaming media space.
Seagate Technology
How can a leading storage device manufacturer increase international sales?
Introduce multiple distribution in all countries and provide award winning internal support to all sales, OEM and distribution channels.
Increase international sales by 40% in less than one year.
LSI Logic
Who does a leading semiconductor turn to when it needs in house training for its international personnel?
Hire a strong, customer focused marketing coordinator to design orientation programs for international staff and support mechanisms for field technicians supporting OEMs.
Increase OEM sales.
Fisher Investments
How does a boutique private client financial services group grow an already successful brand?
Look to overseas markets and conduct country feasibility studies to determine market viability.
Open new offices and markets in Europe.

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