We love the oohs and the aahs we get from friends and family when we try to describe our work in this core competency. “So you are lobbyists?” they ask in a rather askance tone. Nope. Then we have to explain the difference. We are not registered lobbyists but we are involved in political and legislative campaigns, many recently centered around free trade and working with the California Congressional delegation. Getting the public excited about an issue is a joy for us and every time we get requests from clients asking for help in this area, we get excited. Political junkies at heart, we can’t get enough of it!

National Association of Manufacturers
How does and organization change its old image in order to form a close working partnership with the growing technology sector?
Market new package of programs aimed at companies not involved in strategic public relations and image management.
Grew renewable revenue base by 30% in 2 years, doubled it in 6; added over 30 high tech companies to regional office portfolio. Won 2 awards for marketing services and public affairs programming.
Southern Pacific Transportation Company
How can a major public utility establish and build a solid, team-oriented relationship with both the public and its employees after a failed merger and new management takeover?
Create a series of Town Hall Meetings around network and implement a grassroots strategy with members of the Legislature and Congress aimed at involving employees.
New sense of relationship management created. Across-the-board increase in PAC fundraising from employee and retiree involvement.
The City of American Canyon, Napa County, California
How does a community tackle the challenge of minimal municipal funding and no commercial base?
Coalesce bilingual grassroots communication program to educate area citizens on benefits of incorporation.
Won campaign with 68% of vote. City incorporated in 1992.
“No on Proposition 128”
How can business respond to an aggressive challenge by Senator Tom Hayden's ballot initiative of all-encompassing environmental legislation?
Create statewide communications program demonstrating how proposal would damage small, growing businesses.
Won campaign by 69% of vote.
Dole Fresh Vegetables
How can a leading produce company ease the transition and improve morale for bilingual personnel to ints new automation packaging systems?
Create bilingual team-building communication program aimed at creating comfort level with new processes and management objectives.
New automation program began on time and other objectives are completed early.
U.S. Bureau of the Census
How can a major bureaucracy minimize the damage caused by the 1989 earthquake displacements of large populations in rural areas?
Execute aggressive bilingual marketing and communications program in various farm communities.
Completed regional census count on schedule and under budget by year-end 1990.

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