A trade association is based in Washington, DC working furiously to keep up with legislation being spawned on a daily basis. How do these groups keep in touch with members and get out the word beyond the Beltway?

Over the years, our work for trade associations has revolved around 4 distinct functions:

  • Press and media relations—working and maintaining relationships with the major West Coast publications and business tabloids to be a point of reference when reporters are covering various issues.
  • Member Relations—An on-the-ground role and point of contact for members in the region; this role represents the due diligence that is essential in maintaining good relationships with members
  • Program Management—Ascertain ways to communicate and educate members on key issues that may not always get the same thorough coverage that industry professionals in Washington receive
  • Business Development—Develop ways to identify and recruit new members as well as the design of new products and services to create non-dues based revenue stream

Some of our ongoing retainer work for national and international trade associations include

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